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Making Realty Dreams a Reality

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Purchasing and selling a property are two of the biggest decisions you will make in making your realty dream a reality. Whether you’re a first time buyer/seller or an experienced one, Busch Realty Group, LLC will help you throughout the whole process. Here’s a brief breakdown of what to expect when buying and selling a home in the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Buying a home

  • Why are you buying? Does your current home fail to meet your needs? Would you like to live in a different place? Knowing why you want to move will help you narrow down your choices in buying real estate.
  • When to buy.Are you financially prepared? Are the current market conditions favorable in buying a home? Determining the best time to buy can yield great results for you.
  • Obtain financing.Financing is very important in buying a home. Make sure to start shopping for a mortgage before shopping for a home as getting approved can take quite some time.
  • Get represented. The best way to buy a home is to get in touch with a real estate expert knowledgeable with the local market.A buyer’s agent will work with your best interests at heart, helping you locate the best property in the best neighborhood for you.
  • Make a list.To help you shop for a home, list down the home features you really need. This will help you narrow down your search. Of course, not all properties can meet your requests, so don’t be afraid to make compromises.
  • Escrow inspections and appraisals.Once you’ve found the home of your dreams, it’s time to get to work. Let your buyer’s agent handle the negotiations and necessary contingencies, but keep tabs on everything that’s happening. Once everything is deemed acceptable, all parties of the sale can close the deal.

Selling a home

  • Why are you selling your home? Have you outgrown your current home? Do you want to try living someplace else? Be clear about your reasons so we can make a customized marketing plan for your home.
  • When to sell.Like buying a home, you need to check if the conditions are great to sell a property. Current market conditions will greatly affect your sale, so do check. A complete market analysis will help you make an action plan and determine the right listing price for your property.
  • Get a listing agent. Sell a home by yourself and you might realize you have bitten more than you can chew. An experienced listing agent can help you sell your property at the best price, with not much hassle in your part.
  • Home improvements and disclosures. Prepare your home for the big sale. Make upgrades and repairs if necessary. Don’t forget to post disclosures to avoid any misunderstandings later on in the selling process. We can provide you with a complete list of things you need to disclose to your potential buyers.
  • Let your agent represent you. From open houses to actual negotiations and escrow process, let your real estate agent do the work.

There is still more to home buying and selling in the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Contact us today for a more comprehensive guide in buying and selling a home.